Library is regarded as a necessary limb of a school. In fact, it is a storehouse of knowledge that caters to the needs of all the students.The library in our Institute is housed in a special building. It is well equipped with rich collections of reference books, the Readers Encyclopedia, tales, novels, books on literature and more.

There are more than 5000 books in the library and 50 magazines are subscribed. There is a facility of issuing books for the students and students are allowed to borrow the books as per their interest and understanding.

Bus Service

The School strives to provide the best facilities to its students. The safety and security along with the comfort is one of its prime concern.

The School has the facility of fleet of comfortable & spacious school buses plying on different routes of the city for the safe and easy transportation of the students . Each bus has an attendant to look after the children.

Play Ground

The school also has a well developed ground big enough to hold matches like football, volleyball, cricket and also the annual sports events. Trees are planted all around the ground to create an ambience of greenery and fresh environment.

Science Lab

Mona School has independent laboratory that is well furnished with scientific instruments, equipments and modern facilities that give all sort of scientific knowledge to the students.
Science has become a very easy and an interesting subject for the students to learn study and understand by performing entire Practical and experiments in the lab.

Student Insurance Policy

The School strives to provide the best facilities to its students. The safety and security along with the comfort is one of its prime concern.
All the students are covered under the scheme of students safety insurance policy & is compulsory for all the students. Under this policy the students will be covered against death, permanent/partial disability. As a result of accident during the academic year whether in school, home or in journey. A hospitalization bill upto Rs. 10000/- (Ten Thousand Only) can be claimed by parents.
In case of accident parents should give a written intimation to the school about the accident. The school will then inform the insurance office and claim for reimbursement of the bill.

Information Technology Lab

Knowledge and skills in the use of computers have become an integral part of education. Schools cannot ignore the rapid changes that are taking place in the Information Technology (IT) sector. Mona School has taken a bold step and has made significant changes in the use of computers for the students and staff of the school. The staff and the students have constant access to computers to enhance their learning and productivity. Students have access to the warehouse of information found on the Internet. They are familiar with accessories like scanners, CD writers, printers and sharing of information through our in-house network. The students are given projects to improve their knowledge and creativity skills in communication and co-operative learning.
In IT industry today the importance of programming languages is rapidly increasing. Mona School is giving knowledge of various programming languages from Class Fourth. At school we teach students languages like Logo, Q basic, C, C++, and software development tools like Visual Basic and MS- Access. We also make them perfect in MS office tools by teaching them advance things like mail merge in word, Auto fill and other options in Excel, Animations in PowerPoint etc. Using HTML students are learning to design web pages.
Mona School is giving thorough knowledge of Internet by teaching students surfing of webs, creating email accounts and sending mails through it, also sending online greeting cards. The school is having it’s own software for results, accounting work and all the activities related to school, students and the staff members.
Mona School maintains a large network of computers connecting most of its internal departments. Its website is extensive and can be accessed by