'Music is the Universal Language of mankind.' Music stirs our soul. It rejuvenates our mind and refreshes our soul. Hence the school gives more emphasis to the creativity, interest and overall development of the students.Music class is held in the school during school hours. Various holy and patriotic songs are sung by the student, which brings the feeling of Patriotism and holiness.


"Dancing is the loftiest the most moving, the most beautiful of the arts, because it is no more translation or abstraction from life it is life itself". Dance gives joy and keeps one physically and mentally fit".The dance and music class is a lure for the children to be regular to school and they have learnt to appreciate this form of fine arts.

There are dance classes for students of Pre-primary, primary section under the supervision of competent and skillful dance teacher to improve the skills of dancing. Classical and western both forms are being taught to students and children are encouraged to appear for the different levels of dance exams.Reflection on life through art is to be extended beyond the classroom in providing service to others, making the world a better place, and for individual progress.Real art not only can convey knowledge, but also concepts, feeling and high ideals.



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