Peace is the practice of love. With the guidance of Peace Education Expert Dr. Rost Mona School has developed a Peace Education curriculum so children can learn about the importance of peace and how to develop peaceful attitudes and relationships with other children, their family and the community, leading to a deeper understanding to world peace.

Peace education plays an important role within the curriculum in the Primary school. Peace classes have become a key element in the moral, character and value education programs during the entire school year. One of our main goals is to create a framework for developing a peaceful society so that our children can live in harmony. Students are taught to respect others regardless of race, gender, nationality, class, appearance, or religious belief.

Children are given the opportunity to develop and practice virtues such as truthfulness, love, unity, compassion, friendship, kindness, helpfulness, politeness and cooperation.

The children learn ways to resolve conflicts and reach agreements that can both contribute to a peaceful and disciplined school environment, and give students the extraordinary skills they will use throughout their life.

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