"They must favor character and conduct above the sciences and arts.Good behavior and high moral character must come first,unless the character be trained, acquiring knowledge will only proveinjurious. Knowledge is praiseworthy when it is coupled with ethical
conduct and virtuous character; otherwise it is a deadly poison,a frightful danger”.

Mona School offers a comprehensive and effective Moral Education curriculum and syllabus for moral excellence. This program basically focuses on two-fold purpose of:

1) Developing each student’s spiritual qualities and virtues and,
2) Grooming him/her as a promoter of social transformation imbued with the spirit of service to mankind.

The teachers at Mona School have been trained in moral education by Moral Education experts. They are working diligently to develop moral capabilities in students and inspire them to become service-oriented individuals. These moral capabilities include the inclination to service, collective spirit and mutual helpfulness, communications and consultation, decision making and problem solving, self-knowledge and self evaluation, taking initiative, leadership skills and protecting and restoring the environment.

While students are encouraged to develop their moral capabilities, special care is taken to provide them with a clear understanding of the following: a) the purpose of the human life b) spiritual laws and obligations, c) a sense of eternity, d) understanding of Holy writings, e) lives of Manifestations, and f) the reality of religion.

Our Moral Education Program comprises of the following:

I) The virtue of the week
II) Devotional Assemblies and Happy Hippo show
III) Junior Youth Empowerment Programme
IV) Peace education

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