What is NIOS?

An autonomous institution under the Dept. of Education, Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India offering academic and Vocational Courses up to the Senior Secondary level through the distance learning mode. Beside, the Association Of Indian Universities has also granted equivalence to the Senior Secondary Certificate of NIOS, with those of other Boards, for the purpose of admission to higher studies.

What are the courses offered?

Academic and Vocational courses upto the Senior Secondary level through the Distance learning mode.

Who is eligible?

Anybody who likes to choose particular subject or who has been unable to complete and pursue his/her studies and now wishes to complete the same.

How does it work?

NIOS operates through a huge network of eleven Regional Centres and more than one thousand Accredited Institutions (Study Centre) located in India, Nepal Middle East & Canada. Learning strategy includes printed self-learning material, Personal Contact Programmes (PCPs), audio and video programmes and Tutor Marked Assignments.

Special Feature

* Self Paced Learning Unlike formal system, NIOS allows a student total freedom to learn at one's own speed. A learner can study one subject at a time and can also take examinations in one's subjects one by one. The Student is given a period of five years and nine chance to complete the course. The motto is learn at your own speed but learn well.

* Flexibility in choice of Subject A student can choose any subject combination that he/she wants to study from among the courses offered by the NIOS. No subject is compulsory.


* Largest Open School in the World with more than five lakh learners on its rolls at Secondary, Senior Secondary and Vocational Courses.

* Increase in number of study centers from a modest 161 to huge network of more than 1500 study centers, enabling maximum outreach including the remote areas. Common wealth of Learning Award Of Excellence for Institutional Achievement in Distance Education.

* About 80 Audio and Video programmes have been produced for the Basic, Secondary and Senior Secondary Courses on all curricular areas including vocational subjects.

Mona School is accredited by NIOS as a center for study and examination of NIOS courses . The admission to this course starts from middle of July of every year.Interested students, parents for more information can contact:

Co-ordinator NIOS,
C/o Mona School,
Satara - 415001,